Bespoke Solutions

Got awkward space in your bedroom – our expert designers will make it useful space

Building storage into a bedroom can do more than just create hanging space for shirts – it can ingeniously transform the room.

When you free yourself from the restraints of finding a ready-made piece of furniture to suit your bedroom, a world of bespoke, built-in options opens up. Suddenly, any space, no matter how small, awkward or odd shaped, can be transformed into storage. A bedroom can become home to a bank of clever shoe cupboards, hidden drawers or a vanity unit behind doors.

Want to see your fitted bedroom could look?

Interior Solutions

An interior that can be adjusted to suit your ever changing styles.

Behind your quality exterior, we will create a personalised storage system, designed to fit your needs and space – exactly .Pull out trouser racks, flexible hanging solutions, stackable shoe racks, tie and belt storage. Whatever you require, we will design it. Some of our interiors are fully adjustable – so when fashion changes come, varying skirt lengths are easily catered for. You can also specify interior sensor lighting for added convenience on those dark winter mornings.

Bedroom design hints and tips

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